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Karen Best Wright

Karen Best Wright, Author and Health Educator / Wellness Coach is the mother of eight grown children and grandmother to 19 grandchildren. She is also a sister, aunt, and friend to many. She is a published author and advocate for seniors raising children as well as a holistic health and wellness coach specializing with women 50+.

Karen earned her bachelor of science degree in Community Health Education from the University of Utah as a single mother. She later earned a master's degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Health & Wellness.

Raising three of her grandchildren for almost 7 years prompted her to reach out to other grandparents through her grandparent website and blog. A few years after the children returned to the custody of their mother, she felt it time to write her book, I Love You from the Edges, where she tells her story of raising her grandchildren. Since then, two of the grandchildren in her book returned to live with her as teenagers. Those two granddaughters are now grown and in college.

Karen created and was the administrator for the online Facebook support group for relatives raising children (RRC Families) for seven years. She remains in contact with many of the group's members.

Karen's Health & Wellness Coaching practice combines western and eastern approaches to wellness. She will assist you in developing a wellness plan that fits your personality and life journey. Her focus is helping individuals improve their physical health and discover their own personal life path to better understand themselves and their life choices.

Karen will help you discover your needs in regards to the six areas of wellness: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental. She will assist you in developing a personalized program specifically for your needs and interests.

Karen's personal interests include nutrition and fitness, energy healing, stress reduction, spiritual living (connecting with a Divine spiritual essence), holistic health, connecting with nature, her large family, including her children, grandchildren, and her extended family, along with her three cats and one dog.

Karen has previously been a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, and has taught workshops on a variety of health education topics in workplace settings. She specializes in coaching women on developing healthy living habits including nutrition, fitness, spirituality, goal setting, and home organization.

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Karen's mission is to help empower women to make healthy choices that show honor and respect for themselves and their Divine Source

Are you chronically

Not eating right,
Out of shape,
Tired & Aching,
or Lacking Purpose?

Perhaps something
needs to change!

Are you ready to make lasting changes and live a healthier lifestyle?

Are you ready to be inspired?

There is no magic pill; but there is magic in changing your habits and lifestyle. When you make healthy choices, life is magical.

Karen's health and wellness coaching practice takes advantage of the Facebook social media using "closed" groups. To learn more contact Karen at the email at the bottom of this page.

Karen lives in the Northeastern area of North Carolina

Achieve health and wellness, Richmond, Virginia

Achieving health & wellness through a physical and spiritual approach to well-being

The Wellness Way

Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Northeastern Area of North Carolina

Karen Best Wright, B.S., M.A.
Health Educator, Personal Wellness Coach, and Energy Healing Practitioner


Karen Best Wright, Author
I Love You from the Edges
Lessons from Raising Grandchildren


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